Workers Comp Insurance Claims Details You Need to Know

For an employee that has been injured or suffered some sort of illness because of their working environment they will have the opportunity to file workers comp insurance claims. Employers all across America are required to have some sort of workers insurance within their business to assist in protecting themselves against a claim that has been done by an employee that was either injured or became ill while working.

Even though workers comp has been made available to all employees eligible it does not mean that all injuries that have occurred at work can be compensated. There are many injuries and illnesses that are covered, but there are many more that are not. Before you take the time to submit your claim make sure that your injury or illness is one that is eligible for being claimed under the various terms of the workers compensation laws.

Some injuries and illnesses that are eligible for acceptance of a claim include physical injuries that occurred at work, occupational diseases such as asbestos exposure, carpal tunnel syndrome, and also stress and mental injuries that are caused by work.

As for injuries that are not covered there are several including injuries that occurred because of employee being under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, injuries caused by negligence or being irresponsible, and some states even don’t cover for injuries that occurred on the way to or from work.

When you’ve been injured at work you must inform your employer and got the medical attention needed before you can have your claim reviewed. Most laws state that is shouldn’t take you more then three months or twelve weeks to have everything processed and this has been said to be the maximum time frame you have for liability payments. The payments should be paid by your insurance company throughout your claim process as well.

Insurance claims can be a little tricky when you are trying to determine everything that you will be covered for and every business should make sure to inform the employees exactly what their insurance entails. It will be the employee’s responsibility to ensure that they fully understand their insurance so that they are aware of what they can and can not claim for.

No business wants to find themselves being destroyed by any workers comp insurance claims so make sure that your business has taken the proper measures to protect your employees and your business. With a little understanding behind your insurance and what can be claimed you can save yourself from any major court battles. By having insurance within your business you are already ahead of the game for protecting everyone.